Friday, July 18, 2008


At the moment Im really lucky to be doing a residency in the Endangered Studios in Callan. My plan was to work with paint instead of falling into my comfort zone in fabric. I have been using acrylics and oils for the first time). As the time has gone on I realised that I have to combine paint with fabric and that canvas is too rigid and flat for me. Also that I really missed texture.
So I changed from canvas to fabric and in these paintings with the advice of Patrick (a truly amazing Endangered Painter) I painted pva (to prevent a fire) onto the fabric and then used oils.
I love the texture of the fabric with the paint and the fact that the paint hasn't obliterated the fabric.


This quilt was recently shown in the IPS National Exhibition 'Links' in Kilkenny. I based it on the effects of human's influence on our environment. As a whole the piece caused me many problems with the structure I used but when it was photographed in sections it for me came into its own in the photo. Sometimes in Textiles I think you can go so far in a piece, be too committed and have put too much time into it to let it go,.....which I needed to do with this piece.